Are you excited about getting married without a tie? Or maybe in a dress that isn’t traditionally white? Take a step outside the box and build a creative wedding ceremony that represents who you are.

If you’re dropping through here it probably means your life is about to change. Congratulations, take a sec and give each other a big fat high five!

My name’s Ry – I love what I do. I’m a creative who has always followed my passions that have shaped the world I live in. I’ve been a recording artist with Sony Music, I’m a film maker who has hosted shows whilst writing and producing TV. I’ve travelled the world as a tour guide, and lived in some pretty ridiculous places.

I was dragged into this whole wedding game when I married my best buddies in 2016. The idea of putting a creative twist on such an old important tradition immediately sparked my imagination and continues to light my creativity.

I’d love to hear your story – and I’m not talking about the sugarcoated watered down version. Your life is way more colourful than that. The goal here is to NOT walk in anyone else’s footprints, but to create something special that no one has ever done before. We’re not out to break any rules here, because surprisingly there aren’t many wedding rules out there to break. So get excited. You only get one shot at this so let’s make it incredible. Let’s celebrate what marriage means to you. 



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